Logistics & Inventory

The client has full web visibility for their inventory on all receipt/order transaction, history of the inventory and part number detail.

Domestic Fullfillment:

Our warehouses are fully racked and schematic to fit each customer. Upon receipt of the weight and dimensions of the inventory, we will create a unique footprint for the Client. This includes such things as adjusting rack heights and widths in order to optimize the sq-ft utilized up to our 20’ ceilings; entering pallet locations into our warehouse management system of each pallet; creating custom reports for Client management; and otherwise provide world class customer service to Client.

We have done this successfully for many clients including consumer electronic companies, lightening companies, and action sport companies as each has its specific needs and characteristics.

Large Retailers we ship to include: Home Depot, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Khole’s, Kmart, Sears, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, REI, DSG, etc.

  • In house warehousing services include custom packouts, kitting of parts and shipments, real time tracking of all shipping, and creation of all shipping documentation.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged goods is provided 100% at no cost if items are damaged before shipping to the end user.
  • Items damaged during shipping are always insured and will be credited by carriers upon claims provided.

International Fullfillment:

  • In house operated warehousing and distribution facility in Xiamen.
  • Real time tracking of all shipments
  • Creation and management of all shipping documents

Inventory Management:

Inventory is tracked by our Warehouse Management System (WMS) software Accellos and is customizable to each clients needs. The system tracks inventory from an inbound, outbound and warehouse standpoint starting at the customer level, then item, LOT and Pallet level. There are also options to add a fourth level. It shows inventory from an on-hand, available, on-receipt, on-order or hold status. All products are barcoded, as well as location, for automation and efficient flow of the warehouse. The client has full web visibility for their inventory on all receipt/order transaction, history of the inventory and part # detail. Client will also get automatic receipt and order e-mails detailing out the specifics of that transaction (i.e. Order #, Consignee, Part’s, # of pieces, # of pieces short shipped). System also has kitting capabilities.

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